Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Sherlock Fan!!!

I know ...I know...declaring my love for Sherlockism will probably get me listed as a nerd.. but to be fair..the characters got something in it that attracts attention..just saying for the non sherlockians out here...

I m.. totally an outright fan of the adventurous and mysterious stories of Sherlock Holmes. Again, being a nerd I am.. I have read each story of the famous sleuth for almost more than a hundred times.. that is each story in segregation. Watched all available vidoes too.. though i mostly prefer Jeremy bretts portryal of the historic fiction detective.

Every word penned by Sir Arthur of this marvellous character makes u read each story again and again. It did seem mundane and drabbing in the beginning.. but a lot depends upon ones interest in reading these genre of the older writing style..the descriptions of a victorian english era..all the romanticism attached to it.. Infact i m an ardent fan of older english novels. Love the way they are so full of meadows, moors, shires, villas, english villages...thats what intrigued me first to read it.

My encounter with the legendary sleuth was a little weird.... I was in the school library.. a 15 year old chap I was way back then.. the sort who wanted to brag and show off his literary interests among his peers...hehehe.. always wanting to read the thickest and the most dusky book in the corner.. trying to represent a taste of the rustic...thats how I was.. still rustic I am even now.. I saw this thick book.. which i remember now was a collection of all the stories and novels of sherlock holmes complied in one huge book. I saw it lying in the corners of the enlish literature section. Took it out... Hadn't even heard about the gentlemen detective ever in my life before..never had an iota about how famous this characterter already was.. I took out the book just to show off...but of course i did read all the books i took out of the library to show off.. so that was one merit to be fair.

i started reading it right from the beginning... now as with sherlock I am a person who is always keen on method and order in whatever I do.. except for the pitiful writing..haha.. So i always read a book in order.. never try to skip from the first story to the middle or end. So my first encounter with the Sherlock story was... "A Study In Scarlet". So you see I was introduced to Sherlock Holmes in a very orderly fashion. Right from the story where he made his first debut. Interesting it was... it reminded me of the TV serial I used to watch back at home a couple of years back. The character was called "Byomkesh Bakshi" a bengali sleuth with a side kick similar to Dr.Watson. I was like.. oh this story is similar to that serial.. but this was written way before I saw this Indian serial... Thus begun my journey into the world of literature on legendary sleuth characters.. from Hercule Poirot, to Agatha Christies was an interesting journey....

But having read so many of Hercules and agatha's stories.. Sherlock Holmes still stands out in the list of intriguing and enjoyable stories I have read.. i have always wanted to visit Baker street 221B.. and one day.. I will.

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  1. bomkeysh bakshi.. lol i rem tat serial. even he had a dr watson like character sidekick.
    another sherlock holmes fan. always wanted to read him and one fine day saw the entire collection on a sale. at an unbelievably tempting price. :) the rest they say is a history.