Friday, February 20, 2009

Give His Holiness a break, for God's sake

A couple of months back I heard about the exile governments plan to create a Human Resource Database. Like any other plan or new project announced, it came with the by line that " it was His Holiness idea, suggestion or advise". What we have seen over these decades of years is this one man, who has been leading us, guiding us, showing us the way towards progress and development. His sacrifices and contribution in establishing and sustaining an exile community of Tibetans is above question and needs no mentioning. But what has also come to my notice is the sheer amount of we Tibetan's dependence on The Dalai Lama, for almost each and everything.Is such a habit, a sign of utmost reverence for our one and only leader, or a sign of our passivity and of the creative vacuum we have successfully established?

The idea of creating and maintaining a database of Human resources is the most common and mostly followed procedure by any kind of body that deems itself to be an organisation, an institute or even governments. What surprises me that this survey is taking place only now when His Holiness has shown the desire( which for Tibetans means an order) for such a database?

It is surprising for me that during this 50 years of exile, we haven't even done the job of establishing a proper organisation in exile. The very non existence of a Human resource database is the very indication of such carelessness.

The importance of having a database of social variables like illiteracy, college education, health, demography and electoral data etc are quintessential to gauge and plan any kind of social development project or plan.

Why would you need His Holiness to tell you each and everything you need to do? Why would we put so much burden on him when he already has a lot on plate? From bestowing democracy on the Tibetan people, to establishing a functional exile government, His Holiness has already given us the playground for a proper field play. But if we refuse to move our legs and want him to do the playing too, then really, I can't imagine where in the hell are we heading. And this is just one thing I wanted to mention, I have a dozen other examples too.

Few years back, the need for having Tibetans who are specialised in certain fields came too much into public talks. Even behind that it was His Holiness, who had to come up and say that our education system has so far not produced enough professionals, we need to bring in more Tibetans who do professional courses. Then on, there was a barrage of talks, mentions, discussions of how Tibetan society needs more well educated professionals. Scholarships increased and there is still efforts going on to provide more platform for those seeking professional education. But isn't this the job of the Education Department, to plan and project and anticipate, the future course of the education system in exile. We seriously need more creative people and experienced educationists to plan and make every policy when it comes to education. We really don't need bureaucrats doing what they feel is right. The current level of education in our society, whether you agree or not, is really at a pathetically grim stage. It is high time that we need more to be done on education rather than other issues that get all the hulla bulloo.

Would we again want His Holiness to show his desire for something to be done? Or would we, especially the politicians and bureaucrats, tighten their belts and get more creative and aggressive in their work?

Tibetans really need to grow up and get away from the habbit of being baby sat by His Holiness. We really, and I say really really, need to give His Holiness a break and become more self reliant.

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  1. Hey Rinchen!
    You precisely mentioned the loophole we tibetans hold. We have almost reached the brink of stage and the future cause may turn dark if we head with this fashion and concept. We each really have to avail our shoulders to share the obligations we owe to our nation.
    Tenzin Norbu(ur ex-classmate)
    CST Mie