Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Flightless Stairs

(Dedicated to the lost lives and unheard cries of those in Tibet)

To climb its steps
Reach its pinnacle
To find what’s
What’s Unknown
A mystery unsolved
A goal not achieved
A line not crossed
A message not read
I try and falter
Tumble and fall
Every Step’s
In air
Climbing these
Flightless Stairs

In Seclusion
Lies there
Woes of men
Of a nation Torn
In Obscurity
Withers away
Stories of Valour
Of freedom
Yet I try
To reach them
Free them
Fight for names Lost
And lives shattered
My efforts
In vain
Climbing these
Flightless Stairs

1 comment:

  1. Yow, you the the light of Tibet. at least one of them, I see the special talent you bring to this heavenly earthy, motherly, mother's mother.
    We love what and who you are, keep on rocking with the great sense of broad vision.
    science and conscionce.