Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Wonder How It Happens

Rain falls
And rivulets flow
Every morning i see
small leaves glow
Mighty clouds cry
And the earth smiles
It's all miracle
I wonder, how it happens!!

Happiness comes
And everything is gay
Lucky people, always get them
Their wishes, when they pray
But for others, its all worse
When their lives, move astray
Yet, it's all Truth
Still, i wonder, How it happens!

A Thousand hands are raised
But God blesses one
Why this injustice
And this cruel fun
Oh! I won't see this line
On one side, it's all jovial
On the other, it's all glum
So, strange it all seems
I wonder, how it happens!

A rich man feels pleasure
But for the poor
There's no leisure
Dreams he visions
Yet none fulfilled
A heart he prays for
But no one's thrilled
Alas! I am still stunned
I wonder, how it happens

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