Sunday, May 24, 2009

Next Prime Minister For Tibet:2011 Elections

50 years have passed since Tibetans have been driven out of their own land and 50 years have passed since they have established a life in exile. The current geopolitics of the world clearly show that it will probably be another 50 years or more before they could actually hope to leave this perceived makeshift place of refuge in India.

Over the years, His Holiness the Dalai lama has marvelously shouldered the responsibility of a whole nation. Not only did he sustain and strengthen the cause of a nation, but has also been instrumental in establishing and steering the future course of Tibet in a proper direction.His dedication and efforts in keeping alive the cause of and its people needs no questioning and will always remain above par. However, we must not forget that all his efforts whether its establishing a working government in exile, a template of democratic parliament and the election of a Prime Minister by direct vote of Tibetans in exile has been directed at one supreme goal, and that goal is making the Tibetan Movement "A movement of common Tibetans" and not just an individual.

What becomes essential now, is not only to acknowledge this goal of His Holiness but to actually work towards fulfilling his wishes.

The Kalon Tripa(Prime Minister) elections of 2011 is one such duty, that we need to complete with full responsibility.

This election should not just end up being about electing an administrator to run the day to day activities of the exile government, but should be more about electing a persona who will not only share and shoulder the responsibilites of His Holiness, but who is also able to steer the course of future Tibet on his own too.

What After The Dalai Lama?

Personally, it is my opinion that the election of Kalon Tripa 2011 should also become a center point of discussion about a strategy post the Dalai Lama.The new Kalon Tripa's responsibilities should not just end at overlooking the exile administration. It has to be made sure that whoever is elected as the next Kalon Tripa has the vision as well as the ability to represent the cause of Tibet at the global stage.