Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jeremy Brett's Portrayal of Sherlock Holmes

To Sherlock fans Jeremy Brett represented the quintessential representation of a character that has dominated the literature of detective stories. His perfect adoption of the role, from mannerisms to the intensity of Sherlock's character, leaves an unforgettable impression on those who watch him act.

I was a Sherlockian way back from my Junior school. Having read all of Sir Conan Doyle's stories over and over again, Sherlock Holmes is one such character that has seeped into my consciousness to a great extent.

To see Jeremy Brett portray this mammoth of a character was amazing.Its surprising that the image of Holmes I had built in my mind, came all alive when i watched the first episode "A Scandal in Bohemia", of the renowned series run by Granada Television. Then on I have always craved for more of Jeremy Brett playing holmes. What further fascinated me, was how the character of Sherlock Holmes affected the later life of this method actor. How he became obsessed and aloof like Holmes. And finally his sad demise due to manic depression. How a fictional character could affect a living person to such an extent is beyond my imagination.

I pay my tribute to this great actor. His role as Sherlock Holmes will forever remain imbibed in my memory of the legendary sleuth.

The best ever portrayal of Sherlock Holmes by british actor Jeremy Brett. To know more about Sherlock Holmes click here.

To learn more about Jeremy Brett go here.


  1. As an avid and long-time Holmes fan, I have to concur that Jeremy Brett is sublime. But I also have to confess that I like Basil Rathbone even better . . . and occasionally it seems to me that Brett has spent some profitable time watching Rathbone's version of the delightfully neurotic detective. And how can you do better than Nigel Bruce as Dr. Watson? Still, Brett is wonderful.

  2. Jeremy Brett wasn't taken over by Holmes he was taken over by his manic depression (he fought bravely and remained a gentle if troubled man). Sadly, in Bipolar type one - also known as raging bipolar disorder - delusional states or having hallucinations are common. Sherlock Holmes was sometimes was a trigger for Jeremy's psychosis. If it wasn't for his disorder playing the part wouldn't of had the same effect. He wanted people to know near the end that it wasn't the fault of SH or anyone else... he was just mentally ill.
    I'm very glad you think Jeremy was a great Holmes... I of course agree. Oh and I'm glad you like my video. :-)

  3. He was a great actor playing a great character. Never get tired to reading or watching Sherlock Holmes played by Jeremy. Thanks for the video..I should have acknowledged it on the blog.. I forgot sorry.. :)