Thursday, April 23, 2009

Second Tibetan Demographic Survey!

My first feelings when I saw the announcement for the second demographic survey was of relief and excitement. Over the years, I had been constantly talking about and nagging around people for the need of such an extensive survey. I tried in many of my write ups, to emphasise on the need for an extensive data on various social variables.

First there was an education survey initiated a couple of months back on the advise of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Which I was very happy to hear about but also very critical to those who didn't think of doing it until His Holiness told them to do so. You can read about it here "Give His Holiness a break, for god's sake".

Anyhow, when I saw the forms for this demographic survey, to be honest, I was quite content. It is perhaps the most extensive survey done in Tibetan exile society. Variables like education, literacy, gender etc. etc. all are given well thought in it. I heard the Indian government helped the Tibetan government to plan such a huge survey. The first demographic survey done in exile around 98 or 99 wasn't that extensive.

What disturbed me was the manner in which this important survey was executed. I saw school children knocking at various people's door and getting the forms filled, especially in Dharamsala. The word was also around that there were many mistakes and repetitions in many of the forms filled in dharamsala. It is sad to know that why there was not much investment done on it to be able to hire professionals to do the job, or at least college graduates? Why was it all rushed up?

I just hope the results of this survey are accurate to a good extent and help our Tibetan government in exile in formulating their various plans.

Though I have doubts about how efficiently and effectively the data of this survey's result will be used in a professional manner when it comes to planning all kinds of social and exile strategies.

My finger's are crossed. And I hope the concerned people really don't screw it up and use the results of this survey in drafting there plans and not just keep it in a pile of files.