Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tibetan misconceptions about intellect and intellectualism!!

Forgive me for always sounding cynical, for I am but a creature of habit nonetheless. Dribbling through differentials, cellular pathways, physiological modelling,electrical circuits of all sorts and all the fuss of technical education this semester, sometimes I cannot help, when the most abstract of ideas come looming right in front of my eyes, while once again, I am tempted to scribble off my caffeine driven insinuations on this blog.

Once again, as always, I am forced to bring forth, one of the many hypocrisies, we Tibetans so incurably suffer from. Of course, this includes me too.

Somehow, a major portion of our "Inglish" reading, writing and speaking community of brethrens, have equated intellectualism to a mere fanciful prose writing, and complicated stylistic variations in a paragraph, with some quotations of a then writer or a historian, a few bombastic words here and there, some current affair observations, and here you go, "Intellect" packaged and ready to serve. While such packages make good for a pop-reading, but intellectualism, is a far cry than that.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Investigating TPR and Jamyang Norbu’s article on “Obama of China”

Throughout this interesting journey of the Kalon Tripa Elections, I am enamored by the energy, enthusiasm and the interest general Tibetan population has started to take in it. I think this is an achievement all Tibetans must relish and be proud of. What we are seeing is the evolution of a modern democracy, though small in extent, but significant in essence. This makes a Tibetan Youth like me, more and more motivated to engage in this exciting process. However, seeing some recent developments, it also makes me concerned, considering the direction a few players in this election have chosen to take.

With the evolution of modern politics and democratic trends within our society, one must also have certain checkpoints, which curtail and minimize any negative elements of modern politics creeping into our society. We must maintain, the Tibetanness [sic], when it comes to the moral high ground, we as Tibetans have always claimed, specifically because of His Holiness The Dalai Lama. Without which, I don’t think we can claim to be truly Tibetan or even the followers of His Holiness.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Elitist Relics Target Dr.Lobsang Sangay

Despite of my high hopes for a clean, dignified and objective oriented course of the Kalon Tripa election process (including campaign, debates, etc), one can hardly ignore, the amount of negativity being spewed around, at least in the web world. The major target of this negative campaigning is mostly focussed on Dr.Lobsang Sangay, someone who has come out to be counted as one of the favorites for the post. This is not surprising, as Dr.Lobsang la brings a new burst of energy and interest in the current elections. What surprises me, is the fact that majority of Tibetans are OK with this Change. Thunderous noise of applaud, every time Dr.Lobsang la enters a debate or a lecture, is evidence enough to prove that. So whatever critique surrounds him, is mostly from a small group of people I would like to call "Elitist Relics".

Criticism of a public figure is the right of every individual living in a democracy. I am in fact a very critical person myself. On many occasions, I encourage my fellow young Tibetans to imbibe this value, rather than accepting everything anyone puts into ones mouth.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Response to Tibetan Political Review's Commentary on Tethong/Sangay Debate

After this response, Tibetan Political review pulled off its commentary and emailed me conveying their apologies for the errors. They have reviewed their piece.

Dear members of the editorial board,

Creation of “Tibetan Political Review” and its declaration of itself as an independent, fair and informed platform for encouraging political discussion and critique among ordinary Tibetan citizens, at the outset to me, seemed like a wonderful idea. As a youth, I in fact encouraged my friends and other fellow Tibetans to visit the website. However, as I spent more and more time visiting your website, I cannot help but notice, the complete lack of neutrality, the website so boldly boasts of in its introduction. Reading carefully through the website’s commentaries on both Dr.Lobsang Sangay’s “Election Reform article” and the “Tethong/Sangay debate in Zurich”, I cannot help but notice, the website’s clear intent, which is to promote Tenzin Tethong la, as the right candidate for the coming Kalon Tripa elections.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Youth Born In Exile

Being an exile is perhaps one of the worst things that can happen to somebody, it could perhaps be one of the best things that might happen when your country is occupied, or it could be a culmination of both. Whatever it is, life in exile, away from one’s country, is an experience filled with complexities and moments when you question your identity, especially when you are born in exile.

Growing up in exile is a hard process, not because of material amenities, rights or physical comfort, but simply because you so long to belong. It is hard when you look around and no one recognizes you. A Tibetan born in exile is perceived mostly as a Nepali, Burmese, Bhutanese, Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese or anything but Tibetan. It is hard, when every time you say you are a Tibetan; one has to answer “What does that mean? Isn’t it the same as Chinese? What is the difference and why is it?” Being born in exile for a Tibetan youth is more than being the purveyor of a glamorous cause, it is more than being recognized as the followers of His Holiness The Dalai lama, it is more than being displaced from one’s lands, it is a burden. A burden we are born with, a burden we didn’t choose and a burden that will probably outlast our lives.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Global Problems Of Today And China

The course of human civilization has run through many intermittent periods of ups and downs, progressions and regressions. The ultimate victory of humanity against all odds has mostly been because of our ability and intelligence in quickly identifying the roots of a problem and then counteracting it with a solution. Examples abound of such human feats. This era of progress too, has now confronted a stream of problems and issues affecting the pace of human progress towards ultimate perfection. Global Warming, Terrorism, Piracy and Intellectual Property Rights infringements, and Human Rights are a few of these problems, which without a solution threaten the very foundations of this civilization.
With globalization being the word of the century, China has emerged as one of the major players in global politics and economics. Its tremendous growth over the last few decades has placed it right at the top of global power hierarchy. Some might say even above the United States. But has the PRC (People’s Republic of China) realized the responsibility that comes with great power? In the following paragraphs we will analyse the role of China vis-à-vis global problems.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Embarrassment Of Losar

Hypocrisy is such an interesting human trait. The very manifestation of this quality among all of us could take many different forms. Sometimes we are clearly hypocritical whether its our stance on issues, causes etc. But sometimes hypocrisy takes its shape in more subtler and hard to notice (at least to those who are generally hypocritical..heheh) forms and shapes. The defining line then becomes extremely vague when you try to tread in that careful balance of not being and being hypocritical.

Such an opening relating to the meaning and kinds of hypocrisy clearly suited the purpose for which I am writing this piece about.

It's about Losar. Yes, the same age old celebration of "New Year" based on a Lunar calender ( which somehow we deny is the exact same adaptation of the chinese calender, even in practical terms).

For many, it was a huge huge "No Losar" last year. Reasons were many, the plight of fellow countrymen in Tibet, the arrests of many, human rights violations and a whole lot of other substantial, reasonably reasonable reasons. Petitions flew around, blogs were written, entertainment shows cancelled, even events brought down, all for the sake of standing besides the brave and courageous people of our country. It was very motivating.

Still I celebrated Losar, just as I always did. Thanked almighty for everything I had, wished the best for all and moved on to the next day. I generally avoid the traditional aspect of Losar, the reasons would run into another long series of a blog if i elaborate..hahaha..

Anyhow, but my question is for the same people who didn't wanted to celebrate Losar last year. What has changed that everyone who was running wild with a "No Losar" placard seems to have either vanished or vanquished by the all powerful force we call "Time".

The reasons still remain, our brethren still suffer and infact there are many recent cases of convictions and prison sentences and everything that was last year, the year before, the year before that and the year before. Has our collective memory gone weaker? I hope not. For still there is a lot to remember. The rule of PRC continues and grows ever stronger, why do we rest?

Doesn't all this make us hypocritical. We don't want to be a nation where heights of hypocrisy bears no bound.

I celebrated losar last year and I will celebrate this year and the year after and the year after that and then on.

Celebrating New year or not celebrating it, doesn't make anyone more or less Tibetan. It's how you live the remainder of the year and what you do.

So for those out there with a new slogan this year " Celebrate Losar beacause we are Tibetan". Here's a long and a very long *#$^ #@#...... You know what I mean.

Height's of Hypocrisy..........hehhehehhe