Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Embarrassment Of Losar

Hypocrisy is such an interesting human trait. The very manifestation of this quality among all of us could take many different forms. Sometimes we are clearly hypocritical whether its our stance on issues, causes etc. But sometimes hypocrisy takes its shape in more subtler and hard to notice (at least to those who are generally hypocritical..heheh) forms and shapes. The defining line then becomes extremely vague when you try to tread in that careful balance of not being and being hypocritical.

Such an opening relating to the meaning and kinds of hypocrisy clearly suited the purpose for which I am writing this piece about.

It's about Losar. Yes, the same age old celebration of "New Year" based on a Lunar calender ( which somehow we deny is the exact same adaptation of the chinese calender, even in practical terms).

For many, it was a huge huge "No Losar" last year. Reasons were many, the plight of fellow countrymen in Tibet, the arrests of many, human rights violations and a whole lot of other substantial, reasonably reasonable reasons. Petitions flew around, blogs were written, entertainment shows cancelled, even events brought down, all for the sake of standing besides the brave and courageous people of our country. It was very motivating.

Still I celebrated Losar, just as I always did. Thanked almighty for everything I had, wished the best for all and moved on to the next day. I generally avoid the traditional aspect of Losar, the reasons would run into another long series of a blog if i elaborate..hahaha..

Anyhow, but my question is for the same people who didn't wanted to celebrate Losar last year. What has changed that everyone who was running wild with a "No Losar" placard seems to have either vanished or vanquished by the all powerful force we call "Time".

The reasons still remain, our brethren still suffer and infact there are many recent cases of convictions and prison sentences and everything that was last year, the year before, the year before that and the year before. Has our collective memory gone weaker? I hope not. For still there is a lot to remember. The rule of PRC continues and grows ever stronger, why do we rest?

Doesn't all this make us hypocritical. We don't want to be a nation where heights of hypocrisy bears no bound.

I celebrated losar last year and I will celebrate this year and the year after and the year after that and then on.

Celebrating New year or not celebrating it, doesn't make anyone more or less Tibetan. It's how you live the remainder of the year and what you do.

So for those out there with a new slogan this year " Celebrate Losar beacause we are Tibetan". Here's a long and a very long *#$^ #@#...... You know what I mean.

Height's of Hypocrisy..........hehhehehhe