Friday, March 5, 2010

Global Problems Of Today And China

The course of human civilization has run through many intermittent periods of ups and downs, progressions and regressions. The ultimate victory of humanity against all odds has mostly been because of our ability and intelligence in quickly identifying the roots of a problem and then counteracting it with a solution. Examples abound of such human feats. This era of progress too, has now confronted a stream of problems and issues affecting the pace of human progress towards ultimate perfection. Global Warming, Terrorism, Piracy and Intellectual Property Rights infringements, and Human Rights are a few of these problems, which without a solution threaten the very foundations of this civilization.
With globalization being the word of the century, China has emerged as one of the major players in global politics and economics. Its tremendous growth over the last few decades has placed it right at the top of global power hierarchy. Some might say even above the United States. But has the PRC (People’s Republic of China) realized the responsibility that comes with great power? In the following paragraphs we will analyse the role of China vis-à-vis global problems.