Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Investigating TPR and Jamyang Norbu’s article on “Obama of China”

Throughout this interesting journey of the Kalon Tripa Elections, I am enamored by the energy, enthusiasm and the interest general Tibetan population has started to take in it. I think this is an achievement all Tibetans must relish and be proud of. What we are seeing is the evolution of a modern democracy, though small in extent, but significant in essence. This makes a Tibetan Youth like me, more and more motivated to engage in this exciting process. However, seeing some recent developments, it also makes me concerned, considering the direction a few players in this election have chosen to take.

With the evolution of modern politics and democratic trends within our society, one must also have certain checkpoints, which curtail and minimize any negative elements of modern politics creeping into our society. We must maintain, the Tibetanness [sic], when it comes to the moral high ground, we as Tibetans have always claimed, specifically because of His Holiness The Dalai Lama. Without which, I don’t think we can claim to be truly Tibetan or even the followers of His Holiness.