Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Investigating TPR and Jamyang Norbu’s article on “Obama of China”

Throughout this interesting journey of the Kalon Tripa Elections, I am enamored by the energy, enthusiasm and the interest general Tibetan population has started to take in it. I think this is an achievement all Tibetans must relish and be proud of. What we are seeing is the evolution of a modern democracy, though small in extent, but significant in essence. This makes a Tibetan Youth like me, more and more motivated to engage in this exciting process. However, seeing some recent developments, it also makes me concerned, considering the direction a few players in this election have chosen to take.

With the evolution of modern politics and democratic trends within our society, one must also have certain checkpoints, which curtail and minimize any negative elements of modern politics creeping into our society. We must maintain, the Tibetanness [sic], when it comes to the moral high ground, we as Tibetans have always claimed, specifically because of His Holiness The Dalai Lama. Without which, I don’t think we can claim to be truly Tibetan or even the followers of His Holiness.

After having watched the original video of the “Woodrow Wilson Center” event, (the link to which I provide here), The depth and eloquence of Dr.Lobsang Sangay with respect to all aspects of the Tibetan issue, is more than evident here, especially when you watch the complete video. I recommend it to all readers of this piece.

I am none the less far more motivated to be a tiny part of that checkpoint, which prevents these negative elements of modern politics from creeping in and tarnishing this wonderful evolutionary process of Katri elections occurring in our society. Call me an idealistic, naïve youth if you like.

To our observant readers, I would suggest you to watch the video on the “Woodrow Wilson center for Scholars website”. I have provided the link above.

Being a critical and a well informed youth, I am aware of the power of misinformation in our society, whether historically it was the imprisonment of Gendhun Choephel, or more recently, the exodus of the late Professor Dawa Norbu from Dharamsala, who was a friend of Jamyang Norbu la. Of course things have changed now; Tibetans are more educated and far better informed than ever before. However such methods are still quite powerful.

As a strong and vocal supporter of Dr.Lobsang Sangay la, I considered it necessary to dig deeper into this “OBAMA OF CHINA” quote reported initially by Jamyang Norbu la. Considering, me and my fellow friends had initiated and are running a campaign website to support Dr.Lobsang Sangay la, I consider it my moral obligation to our supporters to present a clear and honest perspective on the matter. We requested Dr.Lobsang Sangay la to give us access to the talk at “Woodrow Wilson Center” and it was finally possible to have the center upload the complete video of the event on its website. The readers can access the video through the above link.

What was surprising, though expected, was the fact that Dr.Lobsang Sangay never actually said what was being QUOTED by Jamyang Norbu la as “Obama of China” comment. The non-existence of this quote and subsequently the context of the whole presentation was completely different than what Jamyang Norbu la interpreted as a desire to be a Chinese and TPR’s strange analyses as “Tibetan Integration into China”. I would not go into details of the whole presentation at Woodrow Wilson Center, however the only thing prominent in the presentation and the talk by Dr. Lobsang Sangay, was his unraveling of Chinese policies of I QUOTE “CULTURAL ASSIMILATION, POLITICAL REPRESSION, ECONOMIC MARGINALISATION IN Tibet.” I request perceptive readers to please watch the video provided in the above link.

What ails me most, is witnessing the weakening of the professional integrity of Jamyang Norbu la, as a popular Tibetan writer. His writings, his views, his stand had often formed the core of my value system as a young Tibetan kid in a Tibetan school. Further more, while at college, being in the “Tibetan World Magazine” team of writers, I jumped at the opportunity of interviewing Jamyang la. But youthful admiration of a persona is bound to shatter, when maturity, exposure and experience tells you otherwise. Any avid reader of Jamyang la’s writings would agree that in his past writings, he has more than often played the devil’s advocate, mostly in a passionate and insightful manner. Many of us even related to his anguish, apparent in many of his pieces, his complains, his frustrations, and in fact, all of that inspired youths like me. But now, in recent times, what I have witnessed is the metamorphosis of an honest and struggling Tibetan writer to a strange distraught persona.

His critique on Samdhong Rinpoche’s quote (another quote unquote diabolique) was intriguing at first, then I watched the complete video, uploaded by TGIE(Tibetan government in Exile) website, and surprisingly, Jamyang La’s interpretation of that quote was far from accurate. Still as a long time fan, I brushed aside any critique of Jamyang la, however honest it was. But then, with his “OBAMA OF CHINA” piece, I was completely awestruck, especially after reading a continuation of the first article, where he praises every other candidate, and especially glorifies his own cousin Tenzin Tethong la, and the wrath falls of only on Dr.Lobsang Sangay. Does a man, referred to as a self taught Tibetan writer, read by many Tibetan people, changes his stand simply because the timing suits it.

Now I am not as much troubled by his support for his cousin, but more so by the factual inaccuracies in that write up. That is rather sad and comes as a disheartening revelation to a long time fan like me. Misinformation is a very dangerous thing and we should try our best to avoid it to make this election as clear and respectable as possible. Jamyang la himself is well aware of the consequences of misinformation, he was a close friend of late Prof. Dawa Norbu la who was also a victim of the same methods of misinformation circulating around.

Jamyang Norbu la is a popular writer, admired by many Tibetans, especially the youth, his past experience puts him in a position of a person, who understands the dynamics of everything abhorrent that was in past Tibetan politics and in fact was witness to many such events. Despite all that, he employs the same tactics either intentionally or unintentionally by spreading inaccurate reporting to his readership in particular and the Tibetan populace in general. That is a very sad thing to a naïve, idealistic youth like me. I hope that Jamyang Norbu la renders his apology to Dr.Lobsang Sangay la for reporting an inaccurate detail of a comment, that was actually not given, and the context of the whole talk was different as apparent in the video. By the way, on further enquiries, I came to know that Jamyang Norbu la himself was not present in that talk.

TPR(Tibetan Political Review) takes it one notch above than simply speculating over a fictional quote. It not only re-emphasizes the validity of the quote and in fact delves on to coming to conclusions that almost label Dr.Lobsang Sangay “as a communist Chinese sympathiser”. This was an effort to try and undermine the popular image of Dr.Lobsang Sangay as a freedom fighter with true passion for TIbet and Tibetan people.

TPR has definitely failed to walk that fine line of balance in reporting and upholding Tibetan ethics, when it comes to claiming being an unbiased platform. Tragically, article after article, the purpose, the intent and the goal of this website seems questionable. . I do not say it as a Dr.Lobsang Sangay supporter, but by simply looking at the lack of any genuine article questioning Tenzin Tethong la’s policy and views, or even providing critical analysis of contradictory comments comments he gave in the Dharamsala and the Bylakuppee debates, one can easily see what is happening. I only wish that such a good initiative by my fellow youths, should also try to put an effort in balancing their act or come out in open backing whoever they support or believe in.

Very objectionable and prejudiced questions were asked to Dr.Lobsang Sangay, from the ethnicity of his wife, to his green book payments, to his full bright scholarship, HIS JOB AT HARVARD, to his travel to China on a scholarly meeting in 2005 etc etc and the list goes on. ALL OF THESE ARE ADDDRESSED WITH OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS AND By the way, the travel to China on a scholarly meet SPONSORED BY HARVARD, was vouched UNEQUIVOCALLY/clearly by KALON TRIPA Prof. Samdhong Rinpoche himself in his recent address at Minnesota IN FACT SAMDHONG RINPOCHE WENT FURTHER AND ACKNOWLEDGED DR. LOBSANG SANGAY’S CONTRIBUTION IN REACHING OUT TO CHINESE SCHOLARS AS ONE OF THE REASONS WHY THE TIBETAN GOVERNMENT GRANTED HIM WAIVER TO CONTINUE HIS POSITION AT HARVARD (The team of Kalon Tripa for Tibet will PROVIDE ALL THE DOCUMENTS AND also be publishing the video where Rinpoche speaks about it).

Some people have even resorted to identity theft by creating fake facebook accounts in Dr.Lobsang Sangay’s name. Despite of Dr.Lobsang Sangay’s clear cut policy approaches apparent in almost all the debates, especially the Dharamsala and the Bylakuppee debates, he was still blamed as being not clear on his policy strategies. Common now, anyone who watched the debate can easily see who is not clear and succinct on policy issues.

Why doesn’t TPR write about how Dr.Lobsang Sangay’s views on election reform were far from naïve but in fact visionary? He was the one who first suggested mail-in and proxy ballots. Considering what has happened in Nepal and Bhutan recently, is it not the sign of political foresight and sophistication, that Dr.Lobsang Sangay la anticipated such events. Had the parliament adopted the mail-in-ballots, tibetans in nepal and bhutan could have participated in the election unimpeded. Even our brethren from Tibet could have mailed their votes fro Kalon Tripa thereby legitimizing our government and snubbing the Chinesegovernment.

Many have questioned his academic credibility. Come now, if a scholarly position at Harvard and a PhD is not impressive, I don’t know what world we are living in. A letter from Harvard (uploaded on NDPT website) even speaks of his impeccable record both as a scholar and a person. What should actually be under the scanner, is the nature of the position held by Tenzin Tethong la at Stanford. But I won’t question that, because I am proud of any Tibetan doing good, and not jealous of it. Still a clear job title would be a good description of his position at Stanford.

Personally, it’s not the PhD that inspires me more, but the hope and the interest Dr.Lobsang Sangay la has generated in Tibetan politics. Of course, I do not believe that just one person could turn the tides in Tibet’s favour, but I do believe in the sense and reason of his well educated, balanced and experienced voice. So definitely, a degree from Harvard is not the selling point as many would believe. But it’s definitely attractive and a plus point.

Contrary to some observer and commentators, including Jamyang Norbu la, who have so patronizingly brushed aside the preliminary lead of 22,000 and plus votes by Dr.Lobsang Sangay la, as a result of ignorance of the common Tibetan people. I am sure; we common Tibetans are not as ignorant and foolish as some of these observers have concluded.

In one of the write ups, TPR takes another remark from Dr.Lobsang la about the desire to see the Tibetan National Flag on Potala and somehow again twists it as inconsistent to his policy stands. Why doesn’t TPR realize that having an aspiration to raise the Tibetan National Flag on Potala does not necessarily stray from the middle way policy? 10 months in US have made me know that many states here even have their own flags. Every Tibetan wants Rangzen in his heart, but suggesting that those who support His Holiness’ Middle way approach are Chinese Sympathisers, is a very disrespectful allegation.

Regarding political gaffes, I cannot but laugh at the Sarah Palin analogy in their recent piece. Tenzin Samdup’s article here clearly clarified that. I hope TPR is not playing the role of Glenn Beck of Fox news, who to a new comer to US like me, seems pretty amusing. As Samdup la mentions, a dose of “The Daily Show” is enough to expose Fox News’ antics. Now efforts at writing a sophisticated and pretentiously objective analytical piece, is by all means fine by me. Why not also have some semblance of balance and genuineness? Does not take me a degree, either in law or political science to see through it?

How about TPR ask hard hitting questions to Tenzin Tethong la or is he above questioning by simple and naïve youths like us? For example, How Tenzin Tethong la’s metamorphosis of stand from I AM FOR RIGHT TO SELF DETERMINATION TO “I will follow everything according to His Holiness” UNCONDITIONALLY ENDORSING MIDDLE WAY POLICY to that of “ PERSONALLY I am up for Rangzen” not a sign of political dilly dallying. I can specifically pick a dozen such other quotes from the debates, twist it, and sensationalize it. But as an idealist youth by habit, I won’t do it. Can TPR ask Tenzin Tethong la, whether he has an IC or an American Citizenship?

This is critical compared to Dr.Lobsang Sangay who still travels on his IC and is not an American citizen. Technically it might not be important, but does it not show the desire to return to serve his country. Despite of living for over 15 years in America, he still carries an IC. I would request him to provide a copy of his IC, and put it on Kalon Tripa for Tibet website.Despite having a degree from Harvard law school he did not practice and earn thousands of dollars bur rather remained committed to our cause. It does say something about his Integrity.

There are a few objectionable questions similar to the ones raised towards Dr.Lobsang Sangay la, however, I won’t stoop to that level and ask those uncomfortable and irrelevant questions here. I have no personal grievance against Tethong la, I believe he is a decent gentlemen and a fellow Tibetan with good intentions in heart, just as Dr.Lobsang Sangay, who has taken the brunt of false, inaccurate and unfair criticism. However I think Tenzin Namgyal Tethong la should discourage any negative campaign tactics by his supporters.

TPR and Jamyang Norbu la, have put every effort into reducing the popular image of Dr.Lobsang Sangay as an emerging Tibetan leader, with genuine Tibetan aspirations, to one that of a CPC(Communist Party of China) sympathizer. However, all of Dr.Lobsang Sangay’s work, talks and presentation on Tibet, point otherwise. It is not my intention to convert the converted, neither to preach the preachers, nor do I think that it will serve any purpose, however, my simple, naïve and idealistic request to everyone, is to keep this election clean and respectable. We can also expect more of such maneuvers in the coming days, so be informed and be wise. Of course, with the grace of His Holiness, the education we have received will make us well equipped to see through all such tactics by a few patronizing individuals.

Regarding my affiliation, let me tell you this, I am affiliated to those thousands of Tibetan youths who have grown eating Tingmo at a Tibetan school, I am affiliated to thousands of Tibetans who still sell sweater in India, my affiliation is to those Tibetan farmers who still plant corn and wheat on a small piece of land, my affiliation is to those monks who sacrifice their whole life for the preservation of Tibetan Buddhism, my affiliation is to those hundreds of unemployed Tibetan youths scattered across India who have no idea of what to do, my affiliation is to former political prisoners like Palden Gyaltso la and others who have actually sacrificed their life for serving their country, and those in Tibet who are still striving hard, and the list goes on, and finally I am affiliated to those tech savvy, resourceful and innovative tribe of youths, who would stop at nothing when challenging hypocrisy and unfairness. The education achieved with the grace of His Holiness and his schools, its high time for youths like us to speak up and stand steadfast to patronizing views and comments.

Recent personal attacks on me by TPR, are more than welcome. I am nothing more than an inspired youth and have no personal relationship with Dr.Lobsang Sangay, neither do I stand in a position to gain anything from his loss or win, except if he wins, I will be proud to be able to be a part of a movement, that sees true aspirations and needs of common Tibetan people and Tibetan youths. A personal attack on me in fact hardens my resolute faith in putting more time and effort into this campaign. At least, my views have a face, a voice and an openness, unlike TPR, many don’t even know who the editors actually are, what is their relationship with their patron, what is the background of editors running TPR.

Anyone can criticize me and I welcome all views, except of course of those of TPR, who are obviously misinforming the general populace. I request Tenzin Tethong la to disavow TPR and the tactics employed by them. It will be a truly remarkable act, showing genuine concern for moral uprightness in this election, and a dislike for subtle tactics of manipulation through misinformation. I am sure Tenzin Tethong la, would not associate himself with these elite sophisticated bullying tactics proponents, but would rather be proud of common Tibetan youths like me, who are finally giving up worth the “Tingmo” they ate in Tibetan schools. But I do commend TPR on finally doing something openly by attacking a simple Tibetan Youth.

It does not give me pleasure to divert hours from my engineering studies to writing long social commentaries, however, the responsibility is so great and overwhelming, its emotionally draining and If I don’t say my piece, I would rather not be a Tibetan then. As Tenzin Samdup (University of Edinburgh) clearly says in his piece here on the subject, “Silence may be golden but speech, in matters of national importance, is platinum.”

Note: I commend genuine supporters of Tenzin Namyal Tethong la, only those who focus more on campaigning on his positive points and for them I have my utmost respect and regards.


  1. “Silence may be golden but speech, in matters of national importance, is platinum.”

    I appreciate your stance to write against misinformation and miscalculation ignited by Mr. Jamyang Norbu.

  2. Every time i look into the changes in our exile leadership, i always see some internal business relation going on. Tibetan's in Tibet have no faith to the Chinese elected government but when the economy and and city's infrastructure are developing in their minds eye. To feed their family are more important instead of being imprison for whole life and still no one knows about this hero except the abroad Tibetans. The point i am trying to make is, this is a crucial time for Tibetan's in exile to take the responsibility. His Holiness is retiring, hopes in Tibet are in the mist, if the balloon burst without sound. The exile govt and the exile Tibetan's could be Jews.

  3. I appreciated your writing for the genuine stand......simultaneously i am so proud of being youth who was grown up under the Tingmo and now showing it's value....

    We have to clear up those misinformation donor who swir up our society at different directions and letting to miss real direction hence, we could not reach on our goal spot.

  4. politics is just a politics nothing more than that. It's like that fish in If u emphasis too much on it then you r likely to become single minded. But in order to live meaningful and successful life we must have broad mind, able to see the big picture not only from politics angle. Those people who write too much about politics should come out of that box and try to see things from broader angle. No offense pliz; it was just a straight up statement with concern.

  5. Thanks for taking the time and initiative on this important election cycle and I feel the frustration with our leadership and the need for a fresh start as you clearly do. However, as one Tingmo product to another, let me simply say that sometimes hope can blind our vision and see what's not there. I have come to the conclusion that Dr. L.S is not all that. The Emperor has no clothes.

  6. I appreciate your time and efforts to give a relevant true picture of whats happening.

    I am with you and do not be concerned.
    True leader will triump in the end same as preliminary result.


  7. Thanks for standing up against the odds. Your piece is indeed moving. Tibet needs youth like you; Smart, intelligent, civilized, outspoken & true to Tibet´s cause. Great job

  8. i think jamyang norbu is still stained with the blue blood of old society spite of his modern education and different upbringing in different surroundings,he has even worse dislike of common new educated tibetans arising through ones own achievment in modern world.Like in old tibetan society any commoners coming up or climbing to the status of modern reminant sons,daughters nephews or what else of those remaining "old degenerated kudraks",the provocation and downfall of todays clever intelligent commoners is already calculated.These "rests of old Kudraks" should be taught the lesson of new tibetan world

  9. The author did a novel job of wiping away the venom and scorpions of misinformation, and malicious defamation Jamyang Norbu threw on Dr. lobsang Sangay's endeavour. I even doubt, given the professionalism of his literary output nowadays, if his assumed academic brilliance do really exist at the core of the reality, particularly such poorly written, haphazardly-argued, articles as "Some Thoughts on Upcoming Kalon Tripa Elections".

    His articles make argumentative criticisms, but fails to offer alternatives. He wrote that lobsang sangay seem to believe in Chinese constitution, which he said was naive ( reasoning that CCP's one-party system could alter provisions in law at any time to suit the need of circumstances). That's quite a sound argument, but what else can we do, given that we should work it out with them, if we don't clutch on the weak straw of their constitution to form a basis for negotiation? We've no alternative.

    The public should wake up to the fact that JN's credentials are highly over-estimated. His English isn't of A-plus standard.

    Investigating Jamyang Norbu’s “ Grammar of a Critic ” Status

    Extracted from 8th Paragraph of Jamyang Norbu’s 9th October 2010 article,Some Thoughts on Upcoming Kalon Tripa Elections,( which propelled TPR to launch a malicious article “Investigating Lobsang Sangay’s “Obama of China” Statement .

    let's look at his own credentials to be a critic of repute. And simply, let's just look at his sentence structure in his abusive article, clamping on LS.

    A) JN's sentence:“One of the more interesting candidates in this elections is Lobsang Sangay la, who is not only someone with a PhD from Harvard in International Law but an expressive though sometimes glib speaker with a record of involvement in Tibetan politics from when he was a Tibetan Youth Congress leader in Delhi.”

    recommended changes in the structure and grammar of his sentence, below:

    B) “One of the most interesting candidates in this election is Lobsang Sangay la, who not not only someone with a Ph.D from Harvard in International Law but also is an articulate/expressive ,though sometimes bit glib, orator with records of involvement in Tibetan politics since he became one of the Tibetan Youth Congress leaders in Delhi. (in 1992)”

    1. “ one of the more interesting” should be changed to “ one of the most interesting” to suit better in the context, considering the legion of ill-qualified candidates.
    2. What does he mean by “this elections” ? election. No ‘s”.
    3. Must have intended “Not only-but also” form.
    4. Phrase “someone with a Ph.D” deviates too far into impression of a humorous narration rather than a serious note.
    5. “orator is a more apt term than speaker” in the context.
    6. “articulate/assertive” would have made a better word-choice than “expressive” in reference to LS’s public debate performances. The word “articulate” negates more aptly with its complementary derogatory adjective “glib”.
    7. Since the sentence is supposed to give positive analysis of LS( citing a small failing,ie, glibness), as is clear from the opening words, diluting words like “bit/somewhat” save the intended meaning from ambiguity.

    8. “ record of involvement in Tibetan politics from when …TYC leader”--- the use of word “ leader” in the context of a small, not very well-known( universally) organization like TYC, sound like the abuse of the higher connotations of the word. “ executive member” would have made better word-choice. Providing either the date or LS’s age at the time of his taking roles in TYC would have been relieving.

    9. Please compare the two sentences. And judge for yourself which one flows better.

    P.S: Guys, don’t get influenced by Jamyang Norbu’s criticism of Dr. Lobsang Sangay’s alleged weak political ideology. Dr. Lobsang Sangay is a far-sighted, realistic person, highly worthy of premiership of TGIE. we can't just take JN's words at face value.


  10. I agree with you Thuley. There are people in our society who are over-rated and act as if they are the be all and end all on everything.

    They should realise that a new era has begun already with so many young highly educated tibetan who could think far better and cannot be fooled by the status and writings of an individual.

  11. TPR (Dhanglang ghendhak tsokpa)suggestion on campaign finance disclosure clearly shows their lack of knowledge of the real world that most tibetan live in.
    They still did not get it, after many educational pieces by Rinchen la and other intelligent young tibetan who lived in that real world.

  12. I'm very sure that the result of 2011 Katri election will be same as recent Bihar election. Despite opposition attempt to dupe the general public, the people finally elected their own trusted leader.

  13. Hi, I had abstracted below comments from my Facebook friends to kindle more light on this context.

    Tenzin Dhonyou :

    Neither I am surprised nor am shocked to see the quote "I want to a Obama of China" by Dr. Lobsang Sangay in that speech, whether in joke, humor or in serious manner.

    But I am more surprised to see Mr Rinchen Las latest content in his blog that "Dr. Lobsang Sangay never actually said such" as Dr. Lobsang Sangay himself accept this statement in Jamyang Norbu's website.

    You can see his statement in follow link

    Anak Tseten :

    Are we not surprised or shocked WHY this misinformation and miscaluculation was publicised and by WHO? I am surprised, shocked, and feel sorry for Mr. Jamyang Norbu la, me and the rest of the people who believed in this " Obama of China" thing.
    Rinchen la, you cleared my doubts and corrected me on this wrong information! I thank you and appreciate posting this blog.

    @ Tenzin Dhonyou..... Let me write Rinchen la's comment from his blog.. " Dr. Lobsang Sangay never actually said what WAS BEING QUOTED BY JAMYANG NORBU LA as "Obama of China" COMMENT"

    Let me now write Mr. Jamyang Norbu la's comment from his blog .. "Lobsang la clearly sees Tibet and his own future within the framework of the Chinese "motherland" and he has declared quite publicly, though half jokingly perhaps, THAT HIS AMBITION WAS TO BECOME "THE OBAMA OF CHINA". China, mind you, not Tibet".

    So do you get it?

    Anak Tseten ‎:

    " That his AMBITION was to become the Obama of China" That is the part Dr. Lobsang Sangay la did not say.
    This "Obama of China" is either a TOKTHAM or misunderstanding by those who are using negative comments about it at Dr. Lobsang Sangay la.

    Bu Tsering Baru :

    Dr. Lobsang Sangay himself accepted to have said that as a Joke. Everybody tries to interpretate it in one`s own way. I personally see this as very positive(for our cause) and he should have said it more seriously and loudly. This statement not only conforms with the wishes and aspirations of H.H and majority of the Tibetan People, but also sends a clear signal to the Chinese Regime that the future leaders of Tibet are fully behind H.H. The Dalai Lama. They should grab the opportunity and review their views about H.H very seriously.

    Tenzin Dhonyou :

    Dr. Lobsang Sangay said in his letter to Jamyang Norbu that: "I found Jamyang las analysis to be way off mark. The statement I want to be Obama of China, was a JOKE and not meant to be taken seriously." Anyone can manipulate, and misinterpret this line according to their understanding, but one cannot misinform.

    Anak Tseten :

    Yes, Mr. Jamyang Norbu la's analysis were way off mark. JN is either trying to stir a debate or misinform us, only he knows about his motives.
    I was misinformed by JN article about the "Obama of China" but now thankfully Mr. Rinchen la has put this article and the video to watch, that made me understand and correct my misinformation. My support and campaign for Dr. Lobsang Sangay la has grown stronger.

  14. Lobsang Sangay la may have been a leader in the Tibetan Youth Congress' regional Chapter in Delhi but there's no question that it was Tenzin Namgyal Tethong and a group of people with vision who started the Tibetan Youth Congress.

    I think being 'not loud' shouldn't be taken as 'the person hasn't done much' and this is the fact that I admire and support Tenzin Namgyal Tethong since he doesn't boast of every little and BIG things he has done. He is like this vessel filled with water which stays stable and not the one half filled splattering all the way!

    I am a Tibetan youth myself, but I feel it's too early and too naive to go for young Kalon Tripa with no experience. My $1 suggestion would be to have Lobsang Sangay la come back to India, serve the government either in the Cabinet as one of the Kalons and get the first hand experience of the Kashag and set himself up as an experienced candidate for Kalon Tripa's next election.

    Once my Genla told me that just by learning from people and reading books on how to swim doesn't mean you know how to swim. You have to get into the water to learn how to swim...

  15. Does holding an Indian certifcate(IC) makes you more Tibetan than carrying an American citizenship? 1 inch outside Tibet is all but foreign land,what is so wrong in Tenzin Tethong la being an American citizen after having spend his best time serving the Tibetan cause for so many years in India,why we as young educated Tibetans fails to see through the Sacrifices of those Tibetans who stood with his holiness in its effort to rebuild exile community.
    even though i agree with many points of this writer but his usage of words liKe "ELITIST" does not serve any of our purpose, I would be happy to know if Rinchen la would explain what would merit to be a part of elitist group ? scholary back ground ?? economic background?? or family background??
    Rinchen should refrain from using such words otherwise Lobsang Sangayla also possesses such traits being a relative of chieftains from kham( family background ) his wife also is also from an former aristrocratic family. oops by the way does his wife and kids possesses IC or american citizenship ???

  16. The word 'sacrifices' can only be used for an act similar to "pawo thupten ngodup".

    Holding IC makes more tibetan given majority of tibetan are in India (outside tibet) and IC is issued for refugee or stateless person, which we are. Thats how true tibetan LS la is.

  17. It's so unfair to drag LS & TT family to score some political points. SHAME on you guys. This is not what we expected from the supporters. Instead of helping, you guys are throwing our politics in the gutters of dirty politics. Behave yourself.

  18. I totally agree with the Anonymous who posted at 10:17 AM. We should refrain from getting personal and making personal attacks to both TNT and LS. Don't miss the point. We are not trying to elect TNT's wife or LS' wife as the Kalon Tripa.

    Let's have a fair and honest debate in national interest. Derogatory remarks will not help earn points for this or that candidate. Such negative points only shows that you have made up your mind who you will vote for. And that you are only showing your dislike to that person, and your unwillingness to accept his/her victory.

    I would like to see a debate about who would make a better Kalon Tripa in 2011, although I know that almost everyone has made up their mind. Even JN will not budge although it's now proven that LS has never said that "I want to be an Obama of China", which in itself, like someone said, doesn't deviate from the majority-supported Middle way policy.

    Oops.. I am becoming like a "rangmoe gendak". I love you all and may the best of the best gets elected.

  19. Kindly choose "Select Profile" and "Name/URL".
    I will be forced to delete any anonymous comments on this blog from now on. Please leave your name, that will be great! Thanks for visiting this blog. I appreciate your interest.

  20. Rinchen la,
    Millions of thanks to all your hard work put into writing very fair, well-researched articles that are above all aimed towards bringing clarity to the voters on various unfounded allegations made against Dr. Lobsang Sangay by TPR (Tibetan Political Review) and Jamyang Norbu. They maybe believers of “a lie repeated a thousand times becomes the truth”. However, a lie told a thousand times is still a lie and thus I appreciate your great sense of responsibility by investing your precious time in writing insightful articles safeguarding the truth from distortion despite your engineering studies.
    Keep up the good work and all the best in your engineering studies.
    With best wishes,

  21. Hi Rinchen la,

    Just a piece of advice. Ignore the baseless attacks posted on your blog as they still do not realize who initiated the tactics of misinforming readers. Keep up the great work in supporting Dr. Lobsang Sangay la as we, the 20,000 plus strong voters who voted at the preliminary election for Dr. LS are not fickle-minded to change our candidate.


  22. Dear Readers,

    Tibetan Political Review has not yet published this article on their website. I emailed them but I have received no response. Considering, how they have attacked me personally as well as spread the report about Dr.Lobsang Sangay's comment, they should publish my response asap.
    I would not care if it was a campaign website. But TPR claims to be an independent and unbiased open platform. I fail to see why my answers cannot be published.
    Its a food for thought. Think about it.



  23. Rinchenla, you seems to have done a fact check over the woodrow-wilson remarks by Lobsang Sangay la,and you are on record saying he did not made any statement even jokingly about Obama. but Dr Lobsang Sangay la is on record saying he said this as a joke and not meant to be taken seriously.
    this is what Lobsang Sangay la has written in his response to Jamyang Norbula;s article.
    'I found Jamyang las analysis to be way off mark. The statement I want to be Obama of China, was a JOKE and not meant to be taken seriously. In October 2008, at the time of the conference, there was an excitement about the real possibility that Obama from a marginalized group might be elected as the President of America. In contrast, it was impossible to imagine a Tibetan becoming the President of PRC. Four other attendees (Dr. Warren Smith, Dr. Sonam Topgyal, Tashi Rabgey, and another American) recalled this joking remark and said they had a good laugh. As Jamyang la was not at the conference, I dont blame him for the out-of-context interpretation. However he should have fact-checked with other attendees instead of relying on a panelist without sense of humor. (1)

  24. Tenzin Dickyi, even if Lobsang Sangay had said that he wants to become Obama of China, what's your problem.

    Under the Umye-lam set up, Tibetan will live within the framework of the Chinese constitution. That will entitle a Tibetan to run for the president of China.

    Do you think that's a bad set-up?

    I don't see it important for Lobsang Sangay to clarify on this issue. Let's suppose he clarifies on that and comes out clean of any accusations, would you vote for him. No. We know that. We all, like everybody else, have taken our stand on who to vote.

    The majority will vote for him. And, in fact, there will be more votes for LS as many more youths who didn't register earlier will register to vote for him.

    So, chill out.

  25. Tashi Dhundup,
    I agree totally with you. There has been a lot of spins and misinformation on the reality of our status and the current reality of the world of politics.
    Why do the TPR Ghendak always demand answer from LS la and not from other candidates.

    Rinchen la,
    Those TPR Ghendak la will not publish your response immidiately.
    They could not stand the truth in your piece.

  26. Mr. Rinchen la, I advise you to not worry about TPR because majority of Tibetans had spoken during the preliminary election and Lobsang Sangay came out victorious. As far as I know, TPR published all sorts of political rubbish against the candidates including Gyari Dolma, Lobsang Sangay, TNT & others. It's not gonna hurt any candidates anymore because the Tibetan voters mind had been made up & they are ready again to pick the right candidate in March. It is useless to bicker about the past and dwell on the petty problems of 'he said, she said' about each others candidates. JN is a man of great idea & radicalism. He has a right to think, write & express whatever he think is right but let us not get carried away with what he said. Let's look ahead & strategize on making the best candidate win fairly & without any bickering of past.

  27. Dear Rinchen-La, Would love to see your article posted in PHAYUL.COM to ensure wider readers

  28. Hello Anonymous @ 1.02 PM,

    do you think Phayul will publish Rinchen's article? Phayul is for TNT. I haven't seen any article against TNT on Phayul; only saw articles ranting LS.

    It's obvious to me.

  29. Yes Tashi Dhondup la,

    You are right. Phayul has refused to publish this article, interview with Dr.Lobsang sangay, as well as the article by Samdup Tenzin that i mention in my piece.

    I am sure they have also refused other positive pieces on Dr.Lobsang la too.



  30. Woow!!
    We are infected with the virus that we experiences in the matured democratic countries where Media plays a subtle biased role in electoral process.
    Why can't we as a developing democratic society learn the good side of the already developed ones and leave the bad one with them.
    I am shocked and will never ever put forth my adv.$$ to those media that are biased and go hand in hand with shameful personalities in our society.

    A rise of the genuine true humble leader makes those filled with 'ignorant Popaa' jealous and could not digest that they are ignored. I am sorry but we have to go with whats most beneficial to all tibetan not for few.

  31. rinchen la ..great job. great spirit.. thumps up.

  32. Rinchen la,
    May we know whether or not PHAYUL has stated the reasons of not posting those articles?

    Lets not let media be used only by the HAVEs. Lets fight to ensure that HAVE-NOTs will have a say as well.

    Appreciate your response ASAP
    With Tashi Deleg

  33. Sonor la,

    Thank you for your interest. Phayul had asked me to change my response and reduce it to anwering only TPR allegations towards me.

    Also saying that they dont have time to research other issues mentioned in my write up.

    I responded to Phayul, telling them, their publication of articles on "Obama of china" by both Jamyang Norbu and TPR, were also not well researched. Since my write up provided the video of the presentation, they should have published it.

    They previously decided not to publish the "10 Questions with Dr.Lobsang Sangay" saying they will publish after the preliminaries were over. However, they did not.

    I think a concerted effort on the part of Phayul editor, is going on, to favour other candidates vis a vis Dr.Lobsang Sangay.

    Monopoly over media is a dangerous thing. I think "Tibet Sun" should be promoted more for fair competition.

    Those are my few humble thoughts.



  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. Hello Rinchen la,
    I came across your blog sometimes ago and ever since I am trying to catch up with your writings on your blog. I am a savvy blogger in both Tibetan and English. I used to write my opinions and comments on phayul. As some of my friends feel, I realized phayul is not an independent media where the ethics of journalism is highly respected. It is disheartening.

  36. Yes Gyatso la,

    Phayul has become an agenda driven partisan media outlet...its forum is more or less a place for rumour mongering and misinformation send me your blog's link. Thank you for visiting this blog.