Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tibetan misconceptions about intellect and intellectualism!!

Forgive me for always sounding cynical, for I am but a creature of habit nonetheless. Dribbling through differentials, cellular pathways, physiological modelling,electrical circuits of all sorts and all the fuss of technical education this semester, sometimes I cannot help, when the most abstract of ideas come looming right in front of my eyes, while once again, I am tempted to scribble off my caffeine driven insinuations on this blog.

Once again, as always, I am forced to bring forth, one of the many hypocrisies, we Tibetans so incurably suffer from. Of course, this includes me too.

Somehow, a major portion of our "Inglish" reading, writing and speaking community of brethrens, have equated intellectualism to a mere fanciful prose writing, and complicated stylistic variations in a paragraph, with some quotations of a then writer or a historian, a few bombastic words here and there, some current affair observations, and here you go, "Intellect" packaged and ready to serve. While such packages make good for a pop-reading, but intellectualism, is a far cry than that.