Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Missed Opportunity For My Rangzen Brethrens

I have been away for quite a little while, having to deal with a lot of school work etc (that's just to sound busy), but mostly because of the lack of any idiotic views thrown around me to stimulate a few paragraphs in response. But at last, that seems to have changed. The recent change of the Tibetan government in exile's name, the ensuing barrage of apocalyptic views from the usual self-acclaimed writers and monopolizers of "Rangzen", have sparked my interest and brought me back to pen a few comments. I also thank my lovely wife and a friend to inspire me to write this short note. However, the following piece would diverge a little bit away from the aforementioned issues, which i will address in another piece at some other time.

But here, I would like to bring to my readers attention, a perspective, that even the usual advocates of Rangzen have seemingly failed to take notice of, or perhaps ignored in fear of embarrassment.

The 2011 katri elections, apart from its various implications on the Tibetan movement, was also an opportunity for the Rangzen advocates to voice their opinion in a forceful manner upon a really tangible platform, gifted to us by His Holiness. On the contrary, what I noticed was the lack of any real practical action that reflected any of the usual rhetoric thrown around by supposed rangzen advocates like Jamyang Norbu la.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Karmapa media buzz, and the failure of Tibet campaign in India

The Indian media frenzy, over the past couple of weeks, mostly centered around the "Karmapa-spy Theory", allegations, speculations and everything else that a 24-hr news channel culture, Ted Turner(CNN founder) brought to TV years back, could regurgitate was shown. At some point, I think it was even harder for the Egyptian protesters to take the center-stage in the Indian media. But nevertheless, the founding principles of fast paced media servings, ultimately has taken its toll and the story is finally relapsing into the every growing exabytes of archives of the mundane.

The reaction of the Tibetan community was of course that of , disdainful awe and surprise. Karmapa is a highly revered spiritual leader, and in fact symbolizes major part of Tibetan heritage, both in exile and in Tibet. Of course, Tibetans are offended and for good reasons too. Now I would not go into the details of how this was all false, a misunderstanding, mismanagement etc etc. I leave that to the experts. The matter after all, will resolve itself with passing time, as more and more facts come to light.

Friday, January 28, 2011

International Media attention and Katri Elections

With each passing week, month,the excitement and the enthusiasm surrounding the coming Katri elections is only getting stronger and stronger. Momentum in terms of grass root campaigning, informative debates, discussions etc have almost reached its peak and still getting stronger. What is the one thing that anyone notices to be lacking?

Unlike anything related to Tibet, our usual protests, demonstrations etc, the Katri election has generated very little International media attention. Perhaps it could be because of the nature or the significance of the issue or its relevance for consumption in todays 24 hr news bites. But more than that, I feel its because of the lack of any debates in english, press conferences in english etc by the respective candidates. Of course a few articles here and there have come up in some of the international media, but nothing more than that.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Emergence of Partisan Media in Tibetan Politics

Apart from the many firsts surrounding our coming Katri elections, the emergence of partisan media in Tibetan politics is yet another development one must not overlook. Now I would not go on a wikipedia search rampage here, by providing my blog visitors with some long historical and archaic background concerning "Partisan Media", but a brief description in plain simple English should suffice.

I can surely provide you with some high worded, scholarly sounding definitions of the matter in question, but that has never been my style. "Partisan Media" basically means a media organisation or outlet of any form, that supports and purports (spreads), the objectives of either an individual or a group of individual,in most cases a political party.

In case of the US politics, news media groups like FOX News, MSNBC, etc each has its core interest group. While Fox news supports and spreads Republican ( a political party in US) agenda, MSNBC is known to lean more towards the Democratic (another pol. party) agenda. To give some Indian examples, Aaj Tak is more or less a trumpet for BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party) agenda, while NDTV, IBN etc more or less lean towards the supposedly more liberal Congress Party.