Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Missed Opportunity For My Rangzen Brethrens

I have been away for quite a little while, having to deal with a lot of school work etc (that's just to sound busy), but mostly because of the lack of any idiotic views thrown around me to stimulate a few paragraphs in response. But at last, that seems to have changed. The recent change of the Tibetan government in exile's name, the ensuing barrage of apocalyptic views from the usual self-acclaimed writers and monopolizers of "Rangzen", have sparked my interest and brought me back to pen a few comments. I also thank my lovely wife and a friend to inspire me to write this short note. However, the following piece would diverge a little bit away from the aforementioned issues, which i will address in another piece at some other time.

But here, I would like to bring to my readers attention, a perspective, that even the usual advocates of Rangzen have seemingly failed to take notice of, or perhaps ignored in fear of embarrassment.

The 2011 katri elections, apart from its various implications on the Tibetan movement, was also an opportunity for the Rangzen advocates to voice their opinion in a forceful manner upon a really tangible platform, gifted to us by His Holiness. On the contrary, what I noticed was the lack of any real practical action that reflected any of the usual rhetoric thrown around by supposed rangzen advocates like Jamyang Norbu la.

Why wasn't there any Rangzen candidate to give a fight to the other three middle way candidates? Why wasn't the 2011 katri elections viewed by organisations like SFT, TYC etc as an opportunity to place a candidate of their own for one of the top most positions of the TGIE? Why did rangzen advocates like Jamyang Norbu la, Lhadon Tethong la etc support a clearly and obviously middle way proponent in the form of Tenzin Namgyal la? Did the principals of Rangzen, they so often defend vociferously failed to supercede feelings of family interests? Why didn't SFT, TYC etc pull its muscles to support and present a rangzen candidate? These are questions worth thinking about, if I may say so.

Now many would argue that there wasn't any specific leader that the rangzen advocates could have presented. I for one disagree with that. There is Jamyang Norbu la, who else could be a better candidate than him to represent the cause of rangzen. Then, there is former SFT president Lhadon Tethong la, a young, energetic persona, a true believer in the cause of Rangzen. There is also Tenzin Tsundue la, a man who has dedicated his entire life in the cause of Rangzen. Then perhaps there is Kelsang Phuntsok la, whom I don't agree much with, but he still is an open and energetic Rangzen advocate to the core. Why all these leaders did not even come to the forefront of the 2011 elections?

A lot could be said about planning and perhaps the will to actually present a truly Rangzen candidate that represented the aspirations of many of those who actually truly believe in the cause. I saw a lack of both the planning and the will to actually find such a candidate from the Rangzen camp. Now can we attribute this to the fact that Jamyang Norbu la's own family member was running in the race, that led to his toning down of his usual candor when it comes to the cause of Rangzen? He even praised a middle way candidate (Tenzin Namgyal la) to be a little better than the other two candidates in one of his early articles over the course of the elections. This is not only ironic, but hypocritical, coming from my former idol (JN la), who in the wake of the 2011 katri elections, sold out on his principles developed over the years.

However, seemingly impossible, the victory of a rangzen candidate on a katri election platform seems. One cannot deny and fail to notice, the sheer lack of initiative and the desire to even try from the usual group of people, who so often bicker and banter over how Tibetan's are enthused with their God-king, and how many average tibetans are incapable of rational thinking and objective perception. While all the way through, these same people fail to take advantage of a platform gifted by our God-king (meant as a pun), for an opportunity to equal representation.

As a side note, as time passes by, I seem to notice and realise, that perhaps its not as bad an idea to follow our God-King His Holiness blindly, who for more than one occasion seems to get it right every time. Rather than listening to and even contemplating on ideas of people, who compromise on their principles, as it suits their self-interests.

Anyhow, just a little cue to my fellow Rangzen brethrens (excluding the JN entourage), be ready for the 2015 or is it the 2016 election. Build a momentum to garner support right from now, if you truly believe that Rangzen as a cause would bring a swifter solution to our issue. Prepare a true leader to represent and voice the cause of rangzen, develop a consensus, work on it. Unless all this is done, I do not see, why there won't be another missed opportunity for my rangzen brethrens when the time comes.

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  1. Rinchen, I agree having a Rangzen proponent in the elections would generate a lot of good discussions regarding middle way & Rangzen, however you cannot deny that as a Kalon Tripa, that person is bound to follow whatever policy the people have decided. And, judging from the 'special meeting' few years ago, though all Tibetans aspire for Rangzen, the majority claim they are committed to the Middle Way. So the political climate this past election wasn't very conducive to a rangzen v. middle way debate and certainly not for a Rangzen candidate, as the central issue really became about choosing a candidate who could try and take over His Holiness' place politically. But I agree we need more organization and more strategic planning to generate support.