Sunday, February 5, 2012

Self Immolation in Tibet, the 2008 Uprising and Our Plan of Action

It is not a pleasant experience to see almost every other day, the news about a fellow Tibetan setting oneself up for that ultimate sacrifice of one's existence, so that he may be recognized as being different, so that he may be recognized to have an identity that defines a nation, a free spirit and a resilient human being.

(For those who are unaware of the current situation in Tibet see Self Immolation in Tibet)

The recent surge of self-immolation in Tibet and its continuity jolts the very core of the moral dilemma the global community and government's face. It is not my intention to berate about how the international community fails to do anything about it, and how everyone is so helpless or unwilling to take any form of tangible action pertaining to Tibet. The purpose of this blog entry is to analyse and self-critique, the role we Tibetans ourselves play, in either the failure or the success of our efforts throughout such events, including the 2008 Tibetan Uprising.