Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Paper Planes I flew

Time flies by and what remains are memories, some faded, some clear and some barely remembered. People's names, their faces, places you once were at, books you once read and many other things of the past, slowly slip past your hold. Things you once thought you remembered well, even they begin to slip into an abyss, where all things forgotten go to rest. Old friends, their memories, the snappy things they used to say, things that made you laugh, things that made you cringe, they all fade. For that is how time seems to move and that is how our lives seem to move forward, leaving behind memories, memories we soon don't remember. 

And yet, there are moments and there are times, snippets of time capsules, we somehow tend to always remember, even if partially. We reminisce over these snippets when we are young and contemplate over the same, when we get older. Sometimes these snippets of memories remain meaningless and sometimes, they seemed to have shaped and defined who you have become today.