Monday, November 9, 2015

10 Questions for North America 2016 Chithue Election Finalists

March 20th, 2016 is the date for the final elections for electing both Sikyong and Chithues. The North America preliminary election results are already out with the names of the finalists. Unlike 2011, there has been a tremendous amount of interest in the North America Chithue elections. We have also witnessed more campaign efforts by each nominee in presenting themselves as the candidate of choice.
In the coming months we will see a lot of interviews, debates, articles and campaign efforts hopefully highlighting what each nominee has in store in terms of policy efforts and action plans. The goal of this article is to highlight some key issues that will hopefully steer the conversation in the right direction.

Following are my 10 questions for the Chithue finalists:
  1. What will be your top priority as the North America Chithue?
  2. What specific action plans you have and how do you plan to implement each plan? What are the yardsticks or the milestones that you have laid out to keep the public aware about your success or failure in implementing your plans?
  3. How do you plan to keep your election campaign clean and transparent?
  4. Can you specify the steps you have taken to ensure that your campaign follows Tibetan Election Commission’s rules and guidelines? Are you aware of all the rules yourself?
  5. If you are the next North America Chithue, given the opportunity, would you leave to serve the Central Tibetan Administration as a Kalon?
  6. If your answer is Yes, how would you then plan to fulfill your commitment to the North American electorate and accomplish the goals you set in your campaign?
  7. What is your stand on the “Dhogyal” issue and how you plan to deal/resolve this issue in North America?
  8. Are you a “Rangzen” or an “Umay-Lam” candidate? Explain your choice?
  9. What are the key requirements/needs/assistance/tools, that either the North America Tibetans or the Tibetan parliament in exile can provide you with, so you can perform your duties and implement your initiatives effectively?
  10. What would be the one word that would convey your campaign’s goals and represent your mission as the North America Chithue? 

*** These are part of a series of articles aimed to stir conversation/interest/discussion for the upcoming North America Chithue elections. For more visit

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  1. These are some great questions Rinchen la. I would add, "What is the next Chithue's plan for the youth of North America?".